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Create, promote, share

La Magnanerie is a producing agency specialized in performing arts based in France (Paris) since 2010.

Our team of four works for artists, companies and their projects in the fields of company management, touring, production and administration.

La Magnanerie deliberately chose to work with artists in different disciplines: dance, theatre, contemporary circus, but also projects of visual arts, in the public space, or on the scale of the territories.

We work on various projects: from vast dramatic productions aimed at playing in big venues to multimedia exhibitions and in-situ shows. In eight years, we gained diversified experience to the benefit of singular artistic adventures.

La Magnanerie provides artists with the possibility of personalised partnership.

We handle the whole range of administrative tasks, the direction of the company management, production, touring and communication. We reflect together with the artists on their perspectives in: creating shows, developing cultural action, organizing workshops, residencies, educational projects… We build side by side long term partnerships with different funders (local governments, cultural institutions, programming venues, private foundations), from a national to an international scale.

A dedicated and skilled team, open to creative challenges in artistic engineering, producing and distribution.


Along your side, we ensure the direction of production of your project: from pondering on its feasibility to its undertaking and implementation.


We elaborate together a plan of distribution and communication strategies: from identifying partners to expending your network; personalised support to increase the visibility of your projects.


We handle the administrative structuration of your company, accounting and budget monitoring, grant files, salaries, cash flow, invoice and expense follow-up.


Through “consulting appointments”, we go through your projects together in order to determine the best ways to structure it, put it into perspective, as well as study its feasibility, timing and development on an international scale. We can also train your administration, production and/or distribution teams for new tools in time orgnization, team building and professional communication.

MAG.I.C – International cooperation

In this globalized however torn apart world, we don’t accept Europe as a fortress.

We create transversal and international artistic projects

We are willing to meet people who, like us, believe in the connection between artists, producers and international cultural venue. Through a process of sharing skills and mutualizing engagements we want MAG.I.C to be a hub for new cooperation. We aim at gathering an informalcollective of artists, from over more than six Europe an countries and abroad, sharing the same vision of cooperation.

Dance, theater, new circus from Porto to Brussels via

MAG.I.C is currently working with:
Anna Nilsson & Sara Lemaire, Petri Dish Company in Brussels (BE)
André Braga & Cláudia Figueiredo, Circolando Company and creation space in Porto (PT)
Annabel Soutar, Porte Parole in Montreal (CA)

You are a European company or a free-lance artist?

MAG.I.C help you to be represented and to work directly on a European level. We ease the access to the French network of multi-disciplinary stages and programming venues. We share our expertise and network to collaborate together on the different parts of your project: funding, production touring and communication.

You are a programmer, a director or an agency?

We work in expanding your network, organizing artistic identification and creating partnerships in Europe, exchanging visibility and know-hows, sharing contact files, etc. We work together to spot European artistic projects engaged in international cooperation and help the artists you defend and coproduce.

What we offer is … MAG.I.C.

We help you in touring and counselling in order to develop and nurture international projects. MAG.I.C stands for MAGnanerie International Cooperation.
You are looking for a bit of MAGIC on your perspectives, your projects, and help with touring?
You already have partners in Europe and you are willing to expand your network?
Your work can tour worldwide?
Then MAG.I.C is for you!

For further information about  our services and MAG.I.C – International cooperation please contact Victor Leclère
+0033 1 433 637 12 – victor@magnanerie-spectacle.com